Colorful Carpets® spot dye kits for repairing bleach spots. Dyes are extremely concentrated. One kit is sufficient for hundreds of color repair jobs. Dyes are non-toxic and odor-free. Guaranteed permanent and colorfast for the lift of the carpet/rug.
Here’s a video demonstrating our dyes:


Colorful Carpets® airbrush setup for restoring intricately-patterned Persian Rugs. Complete and ready to connect to an air compressor.


Time for a BIG announcement! Colorful Carpets® has just released our very own color app called the ColorCue® This is one of the single BIGGEST technological developments to ever hit the carpet and rug dyeing industry!
The ColorCue® app will enable the user to accurately measure carpet color by simply taking a picture of the carpet with the color-damaged area. The app will then automatically calculate and display the carpet color and the colors that need to be added to any faded areas to bring them back to an exact color match.
In the event that the user is trying to determine if a color can be CHANGED to a different color, the app will indicate whether or not the desired color is possible to achieve. This will be helpful when determining if a customer can have their carpet or rug changed to a specific color.
You will be able to save each formula that you create and assign a name to it. For example, if you’re in Mrs. Jones house, you can calculate all of the colors and save it as “Mrs. Jones”. The app will automatically create a new folder in your photos app named “ColorCue®” where you can store all of your color repair work. You will also be able to email the ColorCue® information to others who can open it in the ColorCue® app and all of the technical data will be contained in the email. All saved photos and projects can be deleted as desired or emailed to your desktop computer to save space on your portable device.
For your convenience the app features “One Touch Ordering” where you can click on an eye-dropper icon which will automatically generate an email for ordering dyes, airbrushes, etc.
The ColorCue® is ONLY be available to those who have taken our color training. It will NOT be made available to the general public.
The cost of the app is $200.00 and is now available for download by those who have taken our color training.